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Mollie Ann Bracigliano

Mollie Ann Bracigliano, a true sports collector, founded MAB Celebrity Services for the purpose of producing first quality autograph memorabilia shows.  Since her founding, she has established the company as a leading show promoter and a premier full-service sports marketing agency throughout the entire country.

Mollie Ann Bracigliano was born and raised in Nutley, New Jersey, the fourth child and only girl of Ralph and Christine Giordano, first generation Italian/Americans.

Mollie Ann grew up in a household of five men, and everyone in the house, including her Mom loved all sports.  While most seven year olds were drawing pictures of Batman and Robin in Art class, Mollie Ann was drawing mini football helmets trying to remember all the team logos of all the teams in the National Football League for different art projects.

Close to all of her brothers, especially her middle brother Al, who was a die-hard Jets fan and loved Joe Namath, Mollie Ann wanted to emulate Al so she read and listened to the news and learned everything there was to know about Joe Namath.  In 1974 her brother took her to Jets training camp and she got to meet Joe Namath for the first time.  That’s where the monster was born.

Mollie Ann started collecting anything she could find on Joe Namath. Through the years she would follow him in his new career and as she started her own career, which was unrelated to sports of any kind, she always kept her love for collecting memorabilia.  She expanded her collection to her favorite players in all sports.

In 1996 Joe Namath was advertised at a sports memorabilia and autograph show and Mollie attended and it opened up a whole new world to her.  From that point on Mollie volunteered at as many autograph shows as she could and became friendly with three legendary baseball players.  One of them spoke to Mollie and said, “You can do this on your own and I will make sure that everyone gives you a chance.”

So, in 2004 Mollie and her husband opened up MAB Celebrity Services, which specializes in themed-oriented events. They have done events with the 1969 Mets, 1977-78 New York Yankees, the entire 1969 Jets, 1996 Yankees and recently the 1980 Hockey Team.  Currently, MAB does over 1000 athlete and entertainment appearances a year.

MAB has done many charitable events some of which benefited people with ALS, the American Heart Association, MAB has been one of the sponsors for a mentor program for young adults that helps place the not so privileged into a college.  The charity event that Mollie Ann is most proud of creating is something that was a dream of hers when she first started her business in 2004, when she took a little trip to the Field of Dreams with her girlfriend while attending an appearance at the Bob Feller Museum.  Being a fan of the movie it was something that Mollie wanted to see.  Both Mollie and her girlfriend were on the baseball Field and her friend turned around to her and said, “A few years from now you’re gonna do an event here.” Mollie laughed at her.  In September of 2013 MAB created an event called, “The Team of Dreams at the Field of Dreams.” Twelve of the greatest names in baseball formed one team and the other team were local sponsors and businessmen.  Proceeds went to the Wounded Warriors.  Now this is an annual event and each year there is a different charity that is supported.

MAB has been in business for eleven years and represents over 50+ athletes exclusively. It has been a dream come true and just goes to show you, that America is the LAND of Opportunity, when a woman, from a small town in New Jersey, can have success in an industry that is dominated by men. She was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.