Joey Amalfitano

A major league baseball scout, coach and manager for over 35 years. Amalfitano got his start at the age of 20 as an infielder for the Giants.

Joe Amalfitano has been a major league scout, coach and manager for over 35 years. He made his major league debut in 1954 as an infielder for the New York Giants. That year, as a twenty-year-old, he found himself playing under Leo Durocher, alongside a heroic old Dusty Rhodes and a young Willie Mays. The Giants were involved in a scrap for the National League pennant, from which they would emerge as the victors.

Amalfitano returned to the minor leagues in 1956 for additional training, then returned to play as a utility infielder with the Giants in 1960. However, he did not score enough hits to earn a regular position. Amalfitano’s major league career also includes stints with Houston and the Cubs, but he is probably best known for his work as a coach and manager.

Amalfitano served as coach for the Chicago Cubs from 1967-71 and again from 1978-80, and managed them for portions of three seasons (1979, 1980 and 1981). He also coached the San Francisco Giants (1972-75), the San Diego Padres (1976-77), the Cincinnati Reds (1982), and, in 1983, joined the Dodgers as their third-base coach. He currently serves as a special assignment scout for the San Francisco Giants.

He was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in 1996.