Sonny Vaccaro

One of the keenest scouts of basketball talent, and the man who revolutionized sports marketing.

For nearly four decades, Sonny Vaccaro has been one of the keenest scouts of basketball talent, bringing players and marketers together. A force in contemporary basketball marketing, he revolutionized the impact of Nike by signing Michael Jordan to the athletic apparel company. After gaining prestige for that brand, Vaccaro took his talents to Adidas, where he’s worked with players like Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, and Antoine Walker.

In addition to his role with the pros, he’s worked on some ongoing, high-profile prep/collegiate efforts. These efforts include the Dapper Dan Classic, which he founded nearly 40 years ago, and the ABCD camp, which focuses attention on the top prep players in the country.

In addition to those roles, he’s served as a founder and director of Hoops That Help, a non-profit that’s raised over $2 million for a variety of charitable causes.

Annually selected as one of 100 Most Influential sports figures in America, Vaccaro has been featured in countless magazine articles and television programs, including Good Morning America, HBO Real Sports, and 60 Minutes. In addition, Vaccaro writes a weekly column for “Basketball Times.”

Vaccaro was elected to the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.