Pete Herman

Though he fought nearly 150 times, Pete Herman was knocked out just once, while fighting rounds that would stagger any boxer today. 

“I can sincerely say that Herman beat me because he was the better boxer.” Jimmy Wilde

One of the smoothest boxers of his era, Pete Herman engaged in 149 bouts and was knocked out just once, by Frankie Burns in 1914. As champion, Herman sought a rematch with Burns and made the day more memorable by getting married the afternoon of the fight. Later that evening, before the honeymoon had officially begun, Herman avenged the blemish on his record by decisioning Burns over 20 rounds.

Like many champions of his day, Herman did not make many title defenses. In fact, he went from November, 1917 to December, 1920 without a title fight. But he didn’t avoid quality opposition. During that time, he fought such notable bantamweights as Zulu Kid, Johnny Coulon and Johnny Ertle. But Herman’s reign wouldn’t last. Two fights into his reign, he lost the crown to Johnny Buff, with one eye reportedly blind by the time they fought. He fought just five more times, winning each, before retiring in 1922.

Herman died on April 13, 1973 in New Orleans. He was elected to the National Italian American Hall of Fame in 1985 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997.