Nat Rosasco

Nat C. Rosasco, a lifelong Chicagoland resident was involved in the golf industry for over 75 years. Rosasco was the owner of the Chicago-based Northwestern Golf Co., once the largest golf club manufacturer in the world, which was founded by his father in 1929.

Sharing in his father’s philosophy of making a quality product at a reasonable price, the company manufactured every part of a golf club, which kept costs low and made a basic golf starter set for consumers who could not afford a full set of clubs. Rosasco succeeded in his goal of making the game of golf affordable to the common man and woman, and his Northwestern brand put more golfers on the course than any other in the 20th century.

Rosasco is not only known for his contributions to the game of golf, but also to the game of life. Throughout his life, he has contributed millions of dollars to people in need, from underprivileged kids all over the world to Chi Chi Rodriguez when he was a fledgling pro.

Rosasco started “The Nat Rosasco Heritage Cup Youth Fund,” in which he raised nearly 2 million dollars for physically challenged high school students who were in need of funding for college. Each year Rosasco awarded scholarships to recipients, both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, to the college of their choice. Taking an interest in scholarship recipients, Rosasco met and followed each student’s progress to their degree. His kindness and generosity drew the likes of Joe DiMaggio, Dan Marino, Angelo Dundee, Carmen Basilio, Ted Hendricks and Joe Louis to sponsor and promote his cause. The Cook County Joe Louis Championship Golf Course recognized his compassion and generosity to others with a hole named in his honor.

Rosasco helped start the “Hook a Kid on Golf Foundation,” by donating money and supplying all the clubs for underprivileged children. He also donated and supplied all the clubs for the “West Palm Beach Children’s Golf Foundation,” which allowed handicapped children to enjoy the game of golf. Although he has accomplished much in his life, Rosasco’s proudest moment was personally spending time with Mother Teresa, due to his support of her humanitarian efforts.