Johnny Dundee

A fighter with 11 titles, 330 fights and 22-plus years of non-stop action on his record.

Johnny Dundee’s record in the ring is amazing for the sheer number of fights alone: 330. That’s the third-highest total in history, with Dundee’s fights spread out over 22 years, from 1910-1932.

Dundee fought five times in his first 10 days on the circuit and 59 times in his first two years. His pace wouldn’t slow much, though he wouldn’t get his first title shot until his 87th fight; it was a mixed blessing for Dundee, as he drew featherweight champ Johnny Kilbane in 1913.

The slick boxer waited until his 265th fight for another shot at the title. His patience paid off, as he won the junior lightweight championship in 1921, when his opponent George “KO” Chaney was disqualified in the fifth round. Dundee was the first universally recognized junior lightweight champ. He’d go on to win the featherweight title in 1922, KOing the champ, Danny Frush.

In all, he’d be involved in 11 title fights, with his last bout coming in 1932.

Dundee died on April 22, 1965. By that time, he’d been elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He was elected to the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in 1983.