Dan Biasone

One of the founders of the NBA, this innovator of hardcourt rules helped change the way the game was played.
Daniel Biasone’s improvements to the game of basketball were significant, with his most important contribution being the conception of the shot clock. This innovation, which was introduced during the 1954-55 season, modernized the game, improving the flow of play and the amount of points scored; teams averaged nearly 14 more points per game the year after his rule came into effect.

In addition to the 24-second clock, Biasone championed the rule that a backcourt foul would award two free throws to the fouled party. For his efforts, Biasone was awarded the Basketball Hall of Fame’s John Bunn Award in 1982.

Biasone founded and owned the Syracuse Nationals, one of the first teams in the new NBA, with the team debuting in 1946 and disbanding in 1963. His team won the NBA championship in 1955.

Biasone died on May 25, 1992. He was elected to the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in 2000