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Ed Abbatticcio

The second Italian American to gain entrance to major league baseball—and before that, a star fullback for America’s first pro football team.

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Ben Abruzzo

A ballooning pioneer who soared into history by crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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Long Branch New Jersey natives, The Acerras, who fielded a semi-pro baseball team with a total of 12 brothers, were coached by their father, Louis “Pop” Acerra Sr. during the team’s amazing 14 year existence from 1938-52.

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Mike Adamle

Former NFL football player, WWE General Manager, NBC Sports Broadcaster and American Gladiators co-host.

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Joey Amalfitano

A major league baseball scout, coach and manager for over 35 years. Amalfitano got his start at the age of 20 as an infielder for the Giants.

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