Bat Battalino

A whirlwind of energy and intensity in the ring, Batt Battalino was a slugging featherweight who took on all comers.

Though given the name Christopher at birth, Battling Battalino was a fitting nickname for this champ, who ran an up an impressive amateur record during the mid-1930s before turning pro. With 46 knockouts in 59 starts, Battalino was fight-tested entering his pro debut in 1928, already having captured three state titles in the featherweight ranks. He was also the national champ in the annual AAU tourney, with four KOs in four bouts.

Success in the pro game would come relatively early, as the youngster would hold the world’s featherweight title from 1930-32. Fighting in some 87 pro bouts, with close to 60 wins, Battalino topped such name fighters as Kid Chocolate, Earl Mastro, Bud Taylor, Eddie Shea and Fidel LaBarbra.

Battalino passed away in 1977, and was posthumously elected to the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame during the same year.