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Young Corbit III

At the turn of the 20th century, newspaper boys routinely fought for control of the best corners. A young man in Fresno, California, benefited from this practice.

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Jim Corno

With close to 30 years of hard work and dedication in the regional sports television business in Chicago, Jim Corno, Sr. was an industry and civic leader

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Frank Crosetti

Frank “The Crow” Crosetti anchored the Yankee infield for 17 years and served as their third-base coach for 20 years after his retirement.

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Fred Couples

One of the most consistent and well-known players in golf, Fred Couples is a former Masters Champion, winning the event in 1992.

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Jim Covert

Jim Covert had a stellar college career at the University of Pittsburgh. As the team’s left tackle, he was named All-American twice and did not allow a sack in his senior season.

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