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Ernie DiGregorio

After a standout career at Providence College, Ernie DiGregorio brought his high-energy game to the NBA, where he’d win top rookie honors

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Dom DiMaggio

Described by his older and more famous brother, Joe, as “the best defensive outfielder I’ve ever seen.” “I was determined to become a big leaguer to disprove all those cracks that I was being given my start just because of my brothers.” – Dom DiMaggio He played in the AL as center fielder for his […]

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Joe DiMaggio

Historical revisionists blame the New York media for the DiMaggio mystique, his appeal reached far beyond the Big Apple. In cities around the American League where Yankee-hating was a given, DiMaggio still received a special dispensation. Joe DiMaggio got his start with the same San Francisco minor league team, the Seals, that launched his brothers, […]

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