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Tony DeMarco

A hardscrabble battler in the welterweight division in the 1950s, capturing the world’s title and winning 58 bouts along the way.

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Frank DeMaree

A great utility player who was as good in the outfield as he was in the infield, DeMaree hit his career peak with the Chicago Cubs in 1936, when he batted .360.

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Joseph DeNucci

was born August 30, 1939 in Newton, MA. In 1956, while just a junior in high school, DeNucci won a Golden Gloves championship.

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Ralph DePalma

A pioneer of motor sports who set an example for later racers such as Foyt, Petty, Andretti and Earnhardt.

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Peter DePaolo

The nephew of legendary racer Ralph DePalma, DePaolo not only beat his uncle in the 1925 Indianapolis 500, but won the race by becoming the first man to exceed the 100mph mark.

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